Plain / colour

Plain concrete: For an affordable yet efficient way to open up entertaining areas, create clean pathways and give your car somewhere to park. Plain concrete will bring a new life to any area, with a non slip durable finish.


Coloured Concrete: The most effective way whilst still on a budget to bring modern life to the area of your choice. When coordinated properly coloured concrete can be just what you need for that WOW factor. 


Plain: $ 60 sqm

Colour: $ 70 sqm

Exposed  Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate: Probably the most popular of the bunch with its stunning array of coloured aggregates, its sure to stand out a cut above the rest, again when colour co-ordiated right, you can't go wrong with some prime exposed WOW !






Exposed Aggregate: $ 99 sqm



Slate concrete: A fine way to add style and character to the areas you love the most. With a wide range of different colours to suit your existing colour schemes, you can be sure it will stand out from the rest ! With its hard durable finish makes it ideal for all areas. 







Slate: $ 85 sqm


Commertial Concrete: We cover all aspects in the commercial industry including factory floors, car parks, bond deck slabs, footings and on site panels to say the least. With a bobcat and a laser grader there's not much we're not equiped for.







Labour only $ 10 sqm